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The purpose of the MSPS project is to utilize innovative tools in order to produce accurate statistics reflecting contemporary media usage. By entering logs onto our site you’re helping us to understand the full range of services, devices and portals through which people enjoy media. By becoming a member, you are producing information that could potentially revolutionize the media industry! We hope that you benefit not only from your rewards, but through the feeling of satisfaction gained from helping to create something new, exciting, and ground-breaking!

We have provided a small sample of the kinds of data produced by our panel. These examples do not reflect the full range of information collected, but they reflect some very important elements of the data. Please notice that the data displayed does not depict any form of personal information. Mediastats guarantees that all personal information collected by the MSPS project will remain confidential.

This first graph depicts the average amount of time a person interacts with a particular media type. This information is relevant because it can help media producers understand the time limits, level of interest, and amount of information that constrain a particular type of media.

Average Consumption Duration Per Media Type

Average Consumption Duration by Education Level

Our second graph presents a similar trend, comparing the duration of interaction with income level. This provides people in the media industry with rich, aggregated demographic information which can help ensure higher quality and more effective programming.

Our final graph presents the correlation between age and media type viewed. This correlation is expressed in different types of averages. This information both provides industry experts with aggregated demographic information and can help uncover new trends related to media programming and distribution.

Age Averages by Media Type
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