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About Mediastats and MSPS Privacy

Mediastats provides consumer and marketing information and insights to companies operating within the Media and Telecommunication industries. We have been a leader in media research for over 35 years. The Mediastats Panel Survey (MSPS) is a product launched by Mediastats to collect information regarding contemporary media usage patterns.

What this Privacy Policy Covers

This Privacy Policy covers Mediastats’ treatment of personally identifiable information that Mediastats collects through the MSPS website when you register to join the online panel survey. This policy does not apply to the practices of companies that Mediastats does not own or control or to people that Mediastats does not employ or manage. This site contains links to other sites. Mediastats is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such websites. We encourage you to read the posted privacy statement whenever interacting with any website.

Terms and Conditions

Panelists must be 18 years or older to participate in the Mediastats Panel Survey (MSPS). At this time, MSPS is only seeking panelists who speak Chinese, Filipino, Hindi, Indonesian, Korean, Japanese, Malay, Persian, Urdu and/or Vietnamese based in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Montreal and Halifax.

In order to become a panelist with MSPS, panelists must undergo a simple, 2-step verification process. Immediately after creating an account with MSPS, new panelists will be contacted by the panel via email to complete this process. Verification does not require panelists to share any sensitive information and will only relate to demographic data given at the time of signing up with MSPS.

MSPS is designed to collect data about modern media trends. Mediastats reserves the right to disqualify panelists submitting fraudulent logs. Fraudulent logs include, but are not limited to, excessive repeat logs, logs with conflicting time stamps, logs that do not reflect actual titles, and incomplete logs.

Panelists are accountable for their own logs. Although MSPS's data is checked regularly, it is not the responsibility of MSPS to alert panelists of fraudulent activity. MSPS reserves the right to cancel accounts that submit fraudulent logs at any time. Panelists will not be rewarded for fraudulent logs.

Panelists are rewarded $40 for each month they participate in MSPS. In order to become eligible for rewards with MSPS, panelists must fill out the survey for at least half the days in a calendar month. Panelists' logs must reflect media use across at least 3 different platforms. Panelists must also submit at least 80 logs in order to be eligible for their monthly reward. Panelists may participate in MSPS for two months in a row.

Panelists agree to hold only one account at a time with MSPS. Any panelist suspected of holding a duplicate account may be asked to prove their identity with supporting documentation. MSPS also limits the number of accounts allowed per household to 2. A household is defined by accounts sharing the same IP address, phone number, and/or postal code.

Panelists can only be rewarded once a month with MSPS.

Membership-Information Collected during your registration:

In order to become a panelist on the MSPS website, you must first complete our panelist registration process. This requires you to select a username and give us contact information (e.g. e-mail address) and demographic information (e.g. zip/postal code, date of birth, income level). Mediastats also records your IP address when you register. Mediastats does not collect your mailing address during our registration process.

Mediastats’ Commitment to your Privacy:

Mediastats respects your privacy and protects your personally identifiable information:

In this privacy statement, we describe our privacy practices, including how we collect, protect and use your personally identifiable information. By becoming a Member of our panel, you accept these practices. This privacy statement covers the site

Membership - Correcting and Updating your Information

The password can only be reset by visiting the Forgotten Password page; in this case a new password will be sent to the email address on file.

Membership - Sharing your Personally Identifiable Information

Mediastats aggregates (groups) the survey information it collects from all responding panelists and uses that aggregated information in its business.

Personally identifiable information means any information that may be used to identify you, such as your name, phone number, postal code, or e-mail address. Mediastats will not disclose your personally identifiable information to any third party unless you consent in advance, or for any of the following reasons:

  1. To comply with law, governmental requirement or legal process;
  2. To protect our property and legal rights, including those of our partners and customers, when we believe that they are, or are at risk of, being misappropriated, interfered with, or injured; and
  3. To facilitate co-sponsored surveys with strategic partners bound by this Privacy Policy; provided, however, that such strategic partners will not utilize your personal information to send any marketing or promotional materials to you.

In the event of the acquisition of Mediastats, or substantially all of its assets relating to the MSPS product, the information we have collected from you will be among the acquired assets. Such information will remain subject to restrictions no less stringent than permitted under the Privacy Policy in effect at that time. Please see “Notification of Changes” for information on how we will contact you in such an event.

Membership - Panelist Logs

MSPS surveys collect a wide variety of information on a diverse range of media usage behaviors. Your participation as a panelist is always voluntary. However, once you have completed a log entry on the MSPS site, the information provided cannot be recalled or altered. This information collected is used only for statistical and classification purposes in aggregated or summary form and is NOT shared, sold or used on an individual basis. The information we collect is stored and processed in our data processing facility, which is currently located on a secure server in Ontario, Canada. It is also stored on our hosted server.

Membership - Monthly Rewards

Panelists who are legal Canadian or American residents at the time of enrolment are eligible to receive rewards from Mediastats. Your contact information is used by the administrator to determine your reward preference or to communicate program information. To receive your reward, you will be required to submit and/or verify certain information to the administrator (e.g. name and mailing address). This information is used only to ensure that you receive your reward. When claiming rewards, panelists may also complete an online affidavit, which gives Mediastats permission to post winners’ names and state country of residence on the company website.

Technical Privacy and Security - Cookies

A cookie is a piece of information that websites commonly transfer to the computer that is browsing that website in order to be able to improve the user’s experience. uses browser cookies to maintain information about use of our website. These cookies are necessary for the sites operation and are used only to track user sections. They contain absolutely no personal or confidential information.

Technical Privacy and Security - Log Files

Our server log, which records all transactions and the IP addresses that request them, is used to monitor traffic flow on our website in order to manage it more effectively and resolve technical problems related to the website’s operation. Log file information is not linked to personally identifiable information.

Technical Privacy and Security - Security Measures

In accordance with generally accepted standards in the research industry, Mediastats and its agents employ physical and electronic security measures as well as managerial protections and procedures to help prevent unauthorized access to, disclosure or loss of the data Mediastats collects on through the MSPS website. The data is stored on secure servers, and only specific, authorized employees of Mediastats and its agents have access to non-aggregated data. These employees work on password-protected computers and are subject to Mediastats’ confidentiality policies and procedures. If you have any questions concerning the steps taken by Mediastats to protect the security of the data you provide to us, please contact us. See Contacting Mediastatsbelow.

How to Unsubscribe

Please (See Contacting Mediastats below)

Notifications of Changes

We reserve the right to modify this policy at any time. If the change involves how we disclose your personally identifiable information, we will notify you in advance via your e-mail address on record. For any other material changes to our privacy policy, we will post a prominent notice on the MSPS registration page for 30 days. If you decide to unsubscribe from our survey panel as a result of any changes to the privacy policy, we will respect your decision unconditionally..

Contacting Mediastats

If you have any questions about our privacy practices or this website, you can contact:

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