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Fill out the form below to create your Mediastats Panel Survey (MSPS). Within 2 business days, you will be contacted by our panel manager to verify your identity and demographic information. Verification may take the form of a phone call or email. Once your account is verified you are free to begin logging and earning rewards with MSPS.

Terms and Conditions

The Mediastats Panel Survey is designed to collect data about modern media trends. Mediastats reserves the right to disqualify panelists logging fraudulent entries. Fraudulent entries include, but are not limited to, excessive repeat entries, entries with conflicting time stamps, entries that do not reflect actual titles, and incomplete entries.

Panelists also agree to hold only one account at a time with MSPS. Any panelist suspected of holding a duplicate account may be asked to prove his or her identity with supporting documentation. MSPS also limits the number of accounts allowed per household to 2. A household is defined by accounts sharing the same IP address or Paypal account, or any 2 of the following 3 variables: postal code, email, or phone number


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Our representatives are available for chat Monday through Friday from 8am to 4pm.

Whether you have questions or need help with any of your entries, simply click the link below to reach our Live Chat

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